Cardano-Cli Basics

Cardano-Cli Basics

Set of Cardano-cli Sub Commands

address: Shelley payment address commands

stake-address: Shelley stake address commands

transaction: Shelley transaction commands

node: Shelley node operation commands

stake-pool: Shelley stake pool commands

query: Shelley node query commands. This queries the local node whose Unix domain socket is obtained from the CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH environment variable.

block: Shelley block commands

system: Shelley system commands

genesis: Shelley genesis block commands

text-view: commands for dealing with Shelley text view files that are stored on disk such as transactions or addresses

governance: Shelley governance commands

Cardano-cli Address Sub Commands

key-gen: creates a single address key pair

key-hash: prints the hash of an address to stdout

build: builds a Shelley payment address, with optional delegation to a stake address

build-multisig: builds a Shelley payment multi-sig address.

info: prints details about the address

Cardano-clistake address Sub Commands

key-gen: creates a single address key pair

build: builds a stake address

register: registers a stake address

delegate: delegates from a stake address to a stake pool

de-register: de-registers a stake address

registration-certificate: creates a registration certificate

delegation-certificate: creates a stake address delegation certificate

deregistration-certificate: creates a de-registration certificate

Cardano-cli Transaction Sub Commands

build-raw: builds a low-level transaction

sign: signs the transaction

witness: witnesses a transaction

sign-witness: signs and witnesses a transaction

check: checks the transaction

submit: submits the transaction to the local node whose Unix domain socket is obtained from the CARANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH environment variable.

calculate-min-fee: calculates the minimum fee for the transaction

info: prints information about the transaction

Cardano-cli Node Sub Commands

key-gen: creates a key pair for a node operator’s offline key and a new certificate issue counter

key-gen-KES: creates a key pair for a node KES operational key

key-gen-VRF: creates a key pair for a node VRF operational key

issue-op-cert: issues a node operational certificate

Cardano-cli Stakepool Sub Commands

register: registers a stake pool

re-register: re-registers a stake pool

retire: retires a stake pool

registration-certificate: creates a stake pool registration certificate

de-registration-certificate: creates a stake pool de-registration certificate

id: builds pool id from the offline key

Cardano-cli Query Sub Commands

pool-id: retrieves the node’s pool ID

protocol-parameters: retrieves the node’s current pool parameters

tip: gets the node’s current tip (slot number, hash, and block number)

utxo: retrieves the node’s current UTxO, filtered by address

version: retrieves the node’s version details

status: retrieves the current status of the node

ledger-state: dumps the current state of the node

stake-address-info: get the current delegations and reward accounts filtered by stake address.

stake-distribution: get the node's current aggregated stake distribution

Cardano-cli Block Sub Commands

info: retrieves the pool ID that produced a particular block.

Cardano-cli System Sub Commands

start: starts the system

stop: stops the system

Cardano-cli Governence

create-mir-certificate: creates an MIR (move instantaneous rewards) certificate

create-update-proposal: creates an update proposal

protocol-update: performs a protocol update

cold-keys: retrieves the cold keys

Cardano-cli Genisis

key-gen-genesis: creates a Shelley genesis key pair

key-gen-delegate: creates a Shelley genesis delegate key pair

key-gen-utxo: creates a Shelley genesis UTxO key pair

key-hash: prints the identifier, or hash, of a public key

get-ver-key: derives verification key from a signing key

initial-addr: gets the address for an initial UTxO based on the verification key

initial-txin: gets the transaction ID for an initial UTxO based on the verification key.

create: creates a Shelley genesis file from a genesis template, as well as genesis keys, delegation keys, and spending keys.

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