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Firewall Configurations

The UFW firewall can be used to control the network access to your node With any new installation, UFW is disabled by default. You will have to enable it with the following steps:
Deny any incoming and outgoing traffit
sudo ufw default deny incoming
sudo ufw default allow outgoing
Allow ssh access
sudo ufw allow ssh (port 22 or your ssh port number) /tcp
Allow cardano-node p2p port
sudo ufw allow (your port #) /tcp
Allow chrony ntp
sudo ufw allow 123/udp
Enable Firewall
sudo ufw enable
Verify status
sudo ufw status numbered
Only open these following ports on nodes behind a network firewall Allow grafana web server port
sudo ufw allow 3000/tcp
Allow prometheus endpoint port
sudo ufw allow 9100/tcp
Allow prometheus cardano-node metric data port
sudo ufw allow 12798/tcp
This next step is optional but recomended to follow Permitting connections from a specific IP can be set up by following these next commands
sudo ufw allow (your laptop)
  • sudo ufw allow from (182.382.84.22)